This course is for SHS funded services only.

Resilience is the ability to cope with and bounce back despite stress and adversity. The A.C.E Wellbeing Resilience Program © is written by Ann Wooldridge and Noel Moses, Directors and trainers from Gapp Solutions Pty Ltd. They are the authors of nine strengths based and empirical evidenced based recognised programs, used in schools and organisations throughout New South Wales. Programs are also in the A.P.S Kids Matters Government guide for proactive preventative programs aged 4years to Adulthood.

This workshop focuses on strengths based approach and is underpinned by six major empirical evidenced based techniques. The workshop focuses on building wellbeing and resilience in your personal and professional lives, however learning and strategies from the workshop can also support understanding of and building the resilience of clients. Program content also provides strategies for coping with or preventing symptoms of vicarious trauma.

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