Constance on the Edge: A new documentary film on the refugee experience in Australia

Whilst in Wagga Wagga attending the FACS Murrumbigee NGO Forum, we had the pleasure of being introduced to Constance Okot, a Sudanese refugee who has spent the last decade making Australia her new home. Her journey was first chronicled in the 2006 documentary I'll Call Australia Home, which portrayed two refugee families from Burma and Sudan discovering the joys and challenges of their new home.

Constance is now involved in a follow-up documentary Constance on the Edgecurrently being filmed in her hometown of Wagga Wagga. This follow-up with Constance and her family captures their ongoing struggles with the ‘invisible wounds of war’ and their efforts to feel at home and accepted in their town. The result promises to be an intimate portrait of belonging and wellbeing, of healing and inclusion.

Constance, along with Belinda Mason (Director) and Marguerite Grey (Producer), took some time to chat with us about the new film. In this podcast, we get a glimpse of the candour, humour and strength that Constance emanates. Film-makers Belinda and Marguerite also share the purpose for creating this new documentary - to provide a longitudinal portrait of a refugee family and encourage awareness of the challenges being experienced by refugees, particularly those faced by women. This documentary will be part of a larger outreach campaign that is going to be organised for 2016.

We invite you to listen and enjoy  Constance's storytelling... this upcoming film promises to open eyes and hearts! You are also invited to engage and collaborate with Belinda and Marguerite in developing the nation-wide outreach campaign.

A great big thank you to our colleague, Desley Kendell (FACS Client Pathways, Communities and Access) for being our guest podcaster.

The Murumbidgee NGO Forum was a one-day event held in Wagga Wagga. Guest speakers and workshops discussed the topic: Creating Impact Through Innovation (Creative responses to local issues). The NGO Learning Centre will be sharing recordings from this event shortly. Stay tuned!

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