Brighter Futures is delivered by non-government agencies to provide a range of tailored services including case management, casework focused on parent vulnerabilities, structured home visiting, quality children’s services, parenting programs and brokerage funds.

Eligible families will have at least one of the following program vulnerabilities which impacts adversely on their capacity to parent and/or the child’s safety and wellbeing:

  • domestic violence
  • drug or alcohol misuse
  • parental mental health issues
  • lack of parenting skills or inadequate supervision
  • parent(s) with significant learning difficulties or intellectual disability.

Module 1 – Introduction to DoCS Connect Brighter Futures

An introduction to the DoCS Connect Brighter Futures Program and the tasks involved in using DoCS Connect accurately (running time approx 8 mins).

Module 2 – Navigation & Tools

This module explores the features and navigational tools within the DoCS Connect portal (running time approx 13 mins).

Module 3 – The Engagement Process

This module looks at the Engagement process for families who are being considered for the Brighter Futures Program (running time approx 15 mins).

Module 4 – Participation: Changes To The Family

This module goes through how to report changes in family make-up during their participation in the Brighter Futures Program (running time approx 9 mins).

Module 5 – Exiting The Program

This module demonstrates how to enter and submit case closure details in DoCS Connect when case management of a Brighter Future family ends (running time approx 8 mins).

Module 6 – Final Assessment

This is the final assessment module. This is mandatory for those needing access to the live DoCS Connect site. An 80% pass mark is required (running time 5 mins approx).

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