This course is for SHS funded services only.

Mental Health Connect is an innovative, interactive course developed in response to: Recommendation of the Fourth National Mental Health Plan (2009 – 2014) to support, promote and work within a recovery orientated framework; recognition of the importance of social inclusion and involvement of consumers and carers; recognition of the need for education concerning mental health for all community workers. Unlike mental health literacy training, this workshop focuses on recovery orientated practice and the day to day needs of people living with mental health problems and how workers can provide the best support.

The course is conducted using a two trainer model with one trainer who identifies as a mental health consumer or carer and provides participants with the opportunity to work with trainers who are ‘experts by experience’ as they share aspects of their own recovery journey. This unique and practical learning experience enables participants to acquire essential skills in supporting people with mental health problems to maintain hope, achieve their goals, find meaning in their lives and work towards recovery.

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