Managing Critical Incidents Conference, conducted on 20 & 21 April at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), was an opportunity for NGO leaders and managers to engage in workshops and presentations from leading stakeholders in child protection and Out of Home Care sectors.

Some of the keynote speakers were interviewed during the conference; and these podcasts offer a summary of the key messages. Podcasts were conducted with NSW JIRT, NSW Ombudsman, Office of the Senior Practitioner, Office of the Children’s Guardian, AbSec and ACWA.

Opening address at the forum by Michael Coutts-Trotter Secretary at Family & Community Services (FACS).

Interview on the NSW JIRT program with Detective Inspector Peter Yeomans (NSW Police), Cherie Smith (Assistant Director of JIRT Operations, FACS), and Catharina Webb (JIRT Health Workforce Development Officer).

Interview with AbSec with Dana Clarke (Board Chair, AbSec) and Greg Bennett (Senior Operations Manager, AbSec).

Interview with ACWA with Andrew McCullum, CEO ACWA.

Interview with NSW Ombudsman with Steve Kinmond (Deputy, NSW Ombudsman).

Interview with NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian with Kerryn Boland.

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