Family & Community Services (FACS)


Our Mission

To enable vulnerable people to participate fully in NSW social and economic life and build stronger, more sustainable and inclusive communities. Family and Community Services supports over 800,000 people across NSW through its own services and through NGOs that it funds to provide services.

Our work aims to:
  • enable each child in NSW to have the best possible start to life
  • help vulnerable young people build their capacity for a good future
  • improve social and economic outcomes for Aboriginal people
  • provide support to vulnerable adults and families so that they can participate fully in community life
  • build strong and inclusive communities.
 Learning & Development at FaCS

The Learning & Development (L&D) Branch is responsible for developing the capacity of FaCS staff and its community partners by providing and supporting a range of learning and development opportunities.

It's NGO Training Program offers a range of child protection and case management courses for agency-funded organisations. They also provide online courses, podcasts and up-to-date resources for practitioners.


Fifteen districts have been created within NSW to enable more localised planning and decision-making, and improve links between senior service delivery management and frontline staff. The new districts mirror the NSW Local Health Districts, allowing us to work closely and locally with one of our key stakeholders, NSW Health.

These changes bring together the current local Ageing, Disability and Home Care, Community Services and Housing NSW client services and operations.

Clients should continue to contact the same Family and Community Services staff and visit the same offices in the same locations as they currently do.


                                                             FaCS District Map    NSW FaCS District map