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What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a type of digital media that comes in the form of an audio recording. This audio recording can be downloaded as a file to your computer. The file can be listened to on your computer or can be transferred to a mobile device such as a smart phone (e.g. iPhone, Android) to listen to at a time convenient to you. Podcast styles depend on who is doing the podcast but they can be such things as one on one conversations, interview formats or documentary style.

What is a Vodcast?

This is simply a “video podcast” and they can be accessed and downloaded in the same manner as a podcast. You can view a vodcast on our NGO Learning Centre too.

Life Without Barriers (LWB) – RAP

Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) represent a practical process for organisations to follow to achieve better relationships, respect and opportunities with and for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples. This podcast series is an opportunity for the NGO...

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Constance on the Edge

Constance Okot is a Sudanese refugee who has spent the last decade making Australia her new home. Her journey was first chronicled in the 2006 documentary I’ll Call Australia Home, which portrayed two refugee families from Burma and Sudan discovering the joys and...

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Ten Tips for working with children & young people in care

We took some time out to chat to Billy Black, a young person who works with the CREATE Foundation to promote and advocate for children and young people in care. In these short clips, Billy offers some tips to OOHC caseworkers and managers. Her advice and experiences...

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NSW Child Development Study

The NSW Child Development Study (NSW-CDS) is a longitudinal study of child mental health and wellbeing in a cohort of children who were assessed using the Australian Early Development Index (AEDI) in 2009. The podcast provides an overview of the study and preliminary...

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Reconciliation Action Plan

If you or your organisation has interest in learning how to work more effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples then this is the podcast for you! This interview with Amber Roberts, from Reconciliation Australia, provides practical advice on how to...

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Tirkandi Inaburra Cultural & Development Centre

The Tirkandi Inaburra podcast series delves into the stories of the staff and students of this unique cultural and development centre for young Wiradjuri Aboriginal boys. This residential program is designed to empower Aboriginal youth through the promotion of self...

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Culturally Reflective Casework Practice

The Culturally Reflective Casework Practice podcast series focuses on a practice model that supports practitioners in working with culturally diverse clients and families. Guest speaker, Janet Irvine, discusses the needs and challenges that can impact on clients from...

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