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The NGO Training program offers face to face courses across NSW in the key areas of Child Protection and Case Management. This training is free for all non-government organisations receiving funding from Community Services. Click on to each course to read about the training objectives, access relevant resources and find all upcoming course dates.

NB: You must be a Community Services funded NGO to be eligible to attend these courses

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shs Executive Coaching Program for SHS Managers – SHS - This course is for SHS funded services only. Coaching is a professional and personal development process designed to facilitate individual growth and improved performance. It involves confidential conversations with an executive coach leading to increased self-awareness, reflection, insight, and action to bring about behaviour changes that will increase leadership and management effectiveness. About the benefits of coaching Coaching empowers participants Continue Reading
shs Skill set: Management, Team Environment, Leadership – SHS - This course is for SHS funded services only. This is a three day program and addresses knowledge and skills required to provide supervision as a support for workers in the community services industry, including providing backup support, performing a range of administrative tasks and providing a structured debriefing process. Access Online Booking System Here
shs Building SHS Resilience – SHS - This course is for SHS funded services only. Resilience is the ability to cope with and bounce back despite stress and adversity. The A.C.E Wellbeing Resilience Program © is written by Ann Wooldridge and Noel Moses, Directors and trainers from Gapp Solutions Pty Ltd. They are the authors of nine strengths based and empirical evidenced based recognised programs, used in Continue Reading
shs Supporting Trauma Informed SHS Organisations – SHS - This course is for SHS funded services only. This practical and interactive training recognises the importance of creating system wide Trauma Informed Organisations when working effectively in homelessness, particularly given the increasing awareness of the history and impact of trauma in the lives of people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and which significantly impacts on how people think, feel, Continue Reading
shs Mental Health Connect – SHS - This course is for SHS funded services only. Mental Health Connect is an innovative, interactive course developed in response to: Recommendation of the Fourth National Mental Health Plan (2009 - 2014) to support, promote and work within a recovery orientated framework; recognition of the importance of social inclusion and involvement of consumers and carers; recognition of the need for education Continue Reading
shs CIMS GHSH Access Functions – SHS - This course is for SHS funded services only. Note: This is the DAY 3 (3.5 hour) CIMS training referenced in the GHSH Practitioner Training. The training program provides participants with an ability to use the new CIMS access related functions related to: • Initial Assessments; CIMS Referrals; Client Consent; • Vacancy Management System (VMS); HS Net Access Online Booking System Continue Reading
shs CIMS Foundations – SHS - This course is for SHS funded services only. This workshop provides participants with the concepts, definitions and CIMS skills they require to enter basic data for the SHS collection. Throughout the course participants will be instructed on the content of the SHS collection and shown how to find help and data definitions, learning experientially using the online CIMS training environment Continue Reading
shs Implementing GHSH for Practitioners – SHS - This course is for SHS funded services only. This course has been developed to support Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) practitioners to implement the Going Home Staying Home (GHSH) reform in practice. It blends theory and information provision with a range of interactive learning activities designed to strengthen practice. The training program provides practitioners with: • an understanding of key Going Continue Reading
4817318745_111d38b1c0_b Trauma Informed Practice - This workshop aims to support core knowledge and strategies to support practice with children, young people, families and communities who have experienced / and or been impacted by trauma. Drawing on current research and a range of theories including attachment, child development (including brain development) and trauma theory, this workshop will explore the experiences and legacies of trauma, and pathways Continue Reading
CMIntro Case Management Part 1: An Introduction - This two-day case management course is designed for NGO staff who provide case management support to clients. No prior knowledge or experience is required to take this course and it will give staff the skills, knowledge and values to provide case management support services within an agency or interagency context.