Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) represent a practical process for organisations to follow to achieve better relationships, respect and opportunities with and for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This podcast series is an opportunity for the NGO Learning Centre to share the Reconciliation Journey of an NGO that has been extremely successful. We will examine how LWB has used their RAP’s to create a culture within their organisation that recognises the importance of learning about Aboriginal culture and creating an environment of respect so that relationships with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children, young people and families can be developed.

An overview of the RAP governance structure within LWB and an explanation of how the organisation manages their Reconciliation strategy. (Running time – 8 mins)

The importance of engaging the community and building partnerships. (Running time – 10 mins 30 sec)

How to engage staff in the Reconciliation Action Plan process. (Running time – 10 mins)

How to measure the effectiveness of a Reconciliation Action Plan. (Running time 4 mins)

Conclusion of the podcast series with a reflection on how other organisations can successfully implement their own RAP. (Running time 5 mins)

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