Mealtime Management

The aim of this e-learning course is to build your understanding of good practice in assessment and intervention when supporting a person with disability at mealtimes. It illustrates the person-centred nature of mealtimes and outlines how to promote active participation. The course focuses upon a team consultation, with ethical decision making at its core. It also highlights the framework of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (World Health Organisation) and how we can incorporate this into our mealtime management practices.

There are helpful resources and links here on the webpage for those wanting to find out more information.

When you complete the course, you will be prompted to complete a post-course assessment. There is also an appraisal accompanying this e-learning course that is located in the Assessment Module Resources. The appraisal is designed to support speech pathologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists to translate their knowledge regarding mealtime management into their everyday practice.

NB: See page side bar for key resources for each module. For a full list of resources see the "Mealtime Management Course Resources" section on the Resource Shelf

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Module 1 - Getting Started

Running Time: 4-5 mins
Provides an overview of what mealtimes involve and why they are so important.
Module 1 - Getting StartedClick here to launch Module 1

Module 2 - The Supporting Framework

Running Time: 6 mins
Understand relevant policies, procedures and best practice principles that guide mealtime management.
Module 2 - The Supporting FrameworkClick here to launch Module 2

Module 3 - Working Together

Running Time: 6-7 mins
Learn how to work as part of a team, including the person with mealtime issues, families, carers and other professionals.
Module 3 - Working TogetherClick here to launch Module 3

Module 4 - Getting To Know The Individual

Running Time: 15-18 mins
Understand how person centred planning is central to mealtime management.
Module 4 - Getting To Know The IndividualClick here to launch Module 4

Module 5 - What Are We Looking For?

Running Time: 12-15 mins
Identify signs of difficulties at mealtimes and the main steps of a mealtime assessment.
Module 5 - What Are We Looking For?Click here to launch Module 5

Module 6 - Nutrition and enteral feeding

Running Time: 2-3 mins
Explore the importance of nutrition and learn when enteral nutrition might be considered.
Module 6 - Nutrition and enteral feedingClick here to launch Module 6

Module 7 - Positioning, sensory processing and medication

Running Time: 10-12 mins
Discover the critical areas of positioning, sensory processing and medication.
Module 7 - Positioning, sensory processing and medicationClick here to launch Module 7

Module 8 - Oral Care

Running Time: 18-20 mins
Understand the importance of oral care for people with disability.
Module 8 - Oral CareClick here to launch Module 8

Module 9 - Putting It All Together

Running Time: 4-5 mins
Learn about creating person centred and accessible mealtime management plans.
Module 9 - Putting It All TogetherClick here to launch Module 9

Module 10 - Fork In The Road

Running Time: 16-18 mins
Review ethical decision making in relation to mealtime management, including informed consent and duty of care.
Module 10 - Fork In The RoadClick here to launch Module 10

Module 11 - Learning From Others

Running Time: 7-9 mins
Reflect on the social, emotional, practical implications of mealtimes.
Module 11 - Learning From OthersClick here to launch Module 11

Module 12 - Case Study: Micky

Running Time: 14-15 mins
Complete a mealtime management case study.
Module 12 - Case Study: MickyClick here to launch Module 12

Assessment Module

Running Time: 5 mins
Complete this assessment module to receive a certificate of completion. You are required to score above 90%. Good luck!

Assessment ModuleClick here to launch the Assessment Module

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