Nye Gurung Project

Nye Gurung is Aboriginal for 'Spirit Child', and is a fitting name for the first Aboriginal-specific team in FACS appointed specifically to recruit and support Indigenous foster carers. The Nye Gurung Aboriginal Foster Care Team has developed an innovative and effective approach for recruitment and training that has successfully provided culturally appropriate care options for Aboriginal children in OOHC.

This is the story of how the Nye Gurung team managed to recruit, train and support at least a dozen new Indigenous carers in under ten months. More than ten times the average in recruitment, this team continues to increase the numbers of Aboriginal carers.

This is also a story of empowering Indigenous staff to determine the best ways to build their communities, care for their children and support one another.

We invite you to watch their journey and reflect on their messages. Additional resources are available in this section should you like to delve a bit deeper and access more learning .

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 1 of this film provides the context for how and why the Nye Gurung Aboriginal Foster Care Team was developed. This team seeks to increase the numbers of Aboriginal carers and ensure kinship connections are established as much as possible, for as many Aboriginal children in care as possible. Their innovative practice is breaking down barriers, building strong relationships in community, and keeping Indigenous children connected to family and culture.
Duration: Approx. 9 minutes

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baseline image



Part 2 Recruitment


Part 3 Training

Part 4 Support

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